Subject specialisation and references

I am a full-time freelance translator and proofreader, working from French and Spanish into English. My goal is to provide accurate and readable translations for my clients, by combining language education with business experience.

Owing to my background in technology sales, I specialise in commercial and technical subjects, including computer systems, telecommunications, digital television, Internet and mobile telephone technologies. However, I have worked on a variety of subjects, as shown in the table at the foot of this page.

Past translation work has involved many different types of documents, from press releases through customer surveys to detailed technical specifications.

I have also participated in the translation of three books for the San Sebastián Film Festival:

Terence Davies - Los Sonidos de la Memoria (2008)

La Contraola - novísimo cine francés (2009)

Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack (2015)

Automotive Business/Commerce Digital TV
Education/Training Employment Environment
Film Finance    Health/Safety
Information Technology Internet Mobile Telephony
Renewable Energy Sales/Marketing Social Science
Software Sports Technology
Telecommunications Travel/Tourism Video-on-Demand